Expert Google Management for Businesses in the Dental Industry

Better Strategies

We use proven, relatable strategies to drive lower cost-per-conversion, trim wasted spend, and raise your ROI. We work with you from day one to understand your goals and custom-build a profitable campaign.

Beat Competitors

We love a good David vs Goliath match - we specialise in helping small businesses knock big-budget competitors off their high horse with smarter ads, better targeting and clever strategy.

Our AdWords Services for the Dental Industry

Focus on Profit

We build a smart strategy to focus your limited budget on the highest-yield keywords with the best margins for your dental clinic.

No Term Contracts

As a small business, we too understand that things can change, which is why we allow our clients to pay per month and cancel any time they want.

Zero Client Competition

To avoid any conflict of interest, we will never take on more than one client competing for the same keywords in the same area.

Conversion and Call Tracking

We track every possible conversion method so you know exactly which leads are coming from your campaign.

Personal Touch

The business owner will manage and facilitate your adwords strategies personally.

Monthly Reports

We provide strategic analysis and planning every month to constantly improve your adwords campaign.

Beat Competitors

Knock your big-budget competitors off their high horse with smarter ads and better targeting.

Business Growth

Develop a long term, sustainable, profitable stream of leads and sales from Google.